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Succesfull Commissioning of the Semiconductor- and Power Stack- Test Bench


Since January 2018 we have developed, projected and constructed a new test bench for the test laboratory of Ingenieurbüro Hoffmann GmbH: A modern semiconductor- and power stack- test bench was to expand the extensive portfolio consisting of innovative technology development, comprehensive simulative and measurement studies as well as advanced system studies for power electronic systems in regenerative energy or electrical drive applications. The new test bench was put into operation at the beginning of July 2018 and initial measurements show that both thorough planning and careful project implementation have paid off.

The test bench enables the experimental determination of thermal equivalent circuit diagram parameters of power stacks as well as switching- and conduction-losses for semiconductors in power electronic applications. Furthermore, the overall power stack safe-operation area can be determined and the semiconductor lifetime and thermal cycling capabilities can be estimated through extensive wear-out tests. With measurement services at the fully automated test bench, the team of engineers support the power stack development and component tests of companies, for example the selection and characterization of semiconductor modules or the design of gate drivers, heat sinks or DC-link capacitors.

In addition to our high-performance electrical drive test bench , we can now also carry out extensive tests with our new and modern semiconductor- and power stack- test bench. For us and our customers this means: exciting measurement results, high reproducibility and reliable product development”, says Dr.-Ing. Nils Hoffmann, Head of R&D Department of Ingenieurbüro Hoffmann GmbH.

Author: Nadja Hoffmann, 26. Juli 2018

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